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Job Opportunity

Fidi Talkies is a melting out of various cultures and civilization blending the best of east and west. Our vibrant team is in the look out for –

Assistant Directors – Aspiring Creative film makers and those who would like to assist in present initiatives

Social Media Video Content editors – who understand the world of digital doughnuts

Director’s assistant – A person who can assist in maintaining the hectic schedule, media engagements and professional appointments of Dr Lakshmi Devy

Producers – It is not all about money, honey. Being a Producer is not only a matter of big financial muscle, but finesse for art. Those who are interested in creating art, poetry in motion that transcends time and borders are invited. Monalisa & Leonardo Da Vinci are eternal whereas King Mansa Musa is ephemeral (Have you even heard of the guy ? try googling if you bother)